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Plastic Backing Flap Disc

  • Kungfu Eagle offers plastic backing flap discs in a variety of specifications, including 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7" and other specifications. We also offer customized sizes according to customer requirements. Our flap disc is composed of a plastic backing plate and calcined abrasive sanding cloth combined with glue.
  • The calcined sand uses a natural mine as the raw material, and is made through an acid cleaning and high temperature calcination process. It features an outstanding grinding performance and high wear resistance, making it an ideal solution for welding, deburring and surface descaling of metal material, and polishing of wood, paint and more.
  • The backing plate is made using high-temperature resistant nylon plastic. During usage, the plastic backing plate will not brake, even when a rotation strength reaches 15200 rpm. The plastic backing plate also features a low cost, making it easily affordable. For customers that will be applying pressure for high hardness polishing applications, upon request, we can replace the plastic backing plate with iron, based on customer needs.
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