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Flexible Flap Disc

  • Kungfu Eagle can provide flexible flap discs of 4" in diameter. We can also customize different sizes according to customers' actual needs. Our flap disc is made up of a backing plate and abrasive sanding cloth combined with glue.
  • Zirconia alumina is a taupe artificial corundum smelted by high temperature in an electric arc furnace with alumina and zirconia as raw materials. It has a tough texture, good fire resistance and high grinding rate, so that the flap disc made of zirconia alumina can be used to grind iron, stainless steel, stone, etc.
  • The calcined sand takes natural mine as raw material, and is made through acid cleaning and surface glazing. It is sharp and abrasive resistant, which is twice of normal alumina oxide. Therefore, the flap discs made of calcined sand can be used for grinding and processing iron, nonmetal, stainless steel, stone and plastic.
  • The material of the backing plate can be plastic and iron. The plastic backing is economical and practical, while the iron backing is firm and more durable.
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