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Zirconia Flap Disc

  • Kungfu Eagle can provide zirconia flap discs of 4", 4.5", 5”, 6", 7" and with additional specifications. We can also customize different sizes according to customers' actual needs. Our zirconia flap disc is made up of a fiberglass backing plate and abrasive cloth of zirconia alumina combined with glue.
  • Zirconia alumina is a taupe artificial corundum smelted by high temperature in an electric arc furnace with alumina and zirconia as raw materials. It has a tough texture, good fire resistance and high grinding rate, so that the flap disc made of zirconia alumina can be used to grind iron, stainless steel, glass, stone, etc.
  • We use a fiberglass backing plate, and the main material is a glass fiber matrix, which has the characteristics of imperviousness to glue, high strength and good toughness. The fiberglass mesh used in the backing plate is more than five layers thick, which can make it possible for the product to work in harsh environments without breaking.
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