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Continuous Rim Chop Saw Wheel


The continuous rim saw wheel is made of a sharp, abrasion resistant, impact resistant, and bend resistant 65 manganese steel. The rim is made of diamond, with a high hardness, long service life and fast cutting speed.


The continuous rim chop saw wheel is suitable for wet cutting, and is primarily used on hand-held or semi-automatic cutting machines, angle grinders and grooving machines. It is often used for cutting non-metallic materials such as glass, jade, agate and crystal lamps, making it a popular choice for glass, jewelry, craft processing and other industries.

  • The groove segments and the ribbed heat vents are designed to hasten the dispelling of dust and debris and heat dissipation. They also lower noise levels, and ensure a better cutting effect.
  • We offer OEM services for customers, including size, thickness, and number of teeth on the saw wheel. We can also print company logos on the saw wheel.


5” continuous rim chop saw wheel
tooth height: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, continuous teeth
Outer Diameter Thickness Inner Diameter
125mm 1.9mm 20mm
125mm 1.9mm 22.23mm
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