5” T27 Flap Disc / 100 Grit Sanding Disc

The 5" T27 100 grit flap disc is used for grinding and rust removal of rough workpieces such as cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and other metal materials.

  • 5-inch flap disc is small and light, making it easy to install, and convenient and flexible to use.
  • The flaps on the sanding discs are automatically overlapped by the machine, and the workmanship is neat and smooth, ensuring the flaps will not break during usage.
  • We use high-temperature calcined abrasive cloth, which means the flap disc is sharp and abrasion-resistant with an excellent grinding effect.
Maximum Rotation Strength 11000 r.p.m
Outer Diameter 125mm
Inner Diameter 22mm
Grit 100 Grit
Shape Flat
Disc Code T27
Number of flaps 80/90
Length of flaps 24mm/26mm
Width of flaps 15mm/16mm
Abrasive material Calcined Sand
Backing Type Plastic Backing
Backing Material Polystyrene Plastics
Color Black
Packing Blister + Inner Box + Carton
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