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Fiberglass Backing Flap Disc

  • Kungfu Eagle can provide fiberglass backing flap discs (alumina oxide) including 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7" and other specifications. We also offer customized sizes according to customer requirements. Our fiberglass backing flap disc is composed of a fiberglass backing plate and a brown fused alumina abrasive cloth, combined with glue.
  • Brownfused alumina is sharper for grinding, and has an excellent sel0f-sharpening performance. It also features large sparks, and a low noise with no blocking. After high temperature processing, it features a high toughness.
  • The main material of the fiberglass backing plate is a glass fiber matrix, which is resistant to glue, and is both strong and tough. The fiberglass mesh used in the backing plate comprises more than 5 layers, which makes it ideal for harsh environments. It is a highly secure product.
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